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If your looking for ideas based on pokemon for Generation 8, look here with pokemon solid and liquid


  • Luke: The male Protagonist. If not chosen he is your second rival and the trainer who will chose a type weak against yours
  • Rachel: The female Protagonist. If not chosen she is your second rival and the trainer who will chose a type weak against yours
  • Matt/Abby: Your main Rival and your gender is the same gender as your rival
  • Prof. Sprang: Professor Sprang is the main Professor in Feogo and lives in Capen town like you
  • Shadow: The Team Shadow leader. He believes that the soul existence of pokemon is a mistake and they shouldn't be real
  • Prof. Altrip: Professor Altrip was Professor Sycamore's best friend and was also taught by Prof. Rowan. He works at the Mega Evolution lab in Kuhai town
  • Serena: Serena from Kalos is in Feogo 5 years after Kalos. She is Prof. Sprang's assistant and plays a big role in Feogo

Prehistory Edit

5000 years ago, two beasts roamed Feogo. These beasts were created by Palkia and Dialga and were just as strong. The Liquid Warrior, Palkerogram and the Strong Solid Fighter, Dialstogram were Mighty Warriors and Defenders of Feogo. Palkerogram and Dialstogram were once Attacked by a mysterious Pokemon called Giragaragran, who then turned the 2 Defenders of Feogo to stone.

New Evolutions for current Pokemon Edit

Latest activityEdit

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